RoboHelp Project Cleanup

Upgrading Old RoboHelp Projects to RoboHelp 8, 9, or 10

Legacy projects created using RoboHelp 7 or earlier not behaving when converted to v. 8, 9 or 10? Bulleted lists corrupted all of a sudden? CSS styles not working for some reason? A reliable project suddenly gone off the rails?

Many style problems may be caused by old local formatting. Other problems, like lists, will be due to the change from HTML to XHTML in RoboHelp 8. They’re all fixable. Hyper/Word Services can help by…

  • Explaining what’s causing the problems.
  • Fixing the problems in the code and explaining the process.
  • Fixing your styles and style sheets.
  • Showing how to use RoboHelp 8 or 9 properly to make sure the problems don’t recur.

The cleanup process is fast, often fixing hundreds or even thousands of topics in days, and can be done onsite or remotely. Contact Hyper/Word Services for information.