Unsolicited BBQ restaurant recommendations


Contributed by Nicki Bleiel – May 2005.

Not a specific recommendation but a link to an article that lists numerous restaurants.


Contributed by Andrea Schmahl – June 2005.

I wound up on your website by way of some research into the future of RoboHelp, and then read with interest your list of barbeque places. As a transplant to the south who is now completely addicted to all kinds of barbeque, but particularly the vinegar-based, cole slaw-enhanced Carolina style, I offer some suggestions, if you’re ever in the following areas:

Richmond, VA

  • PQ’s, a small barbeque place on Midlothian Turnpike;
  • Double T’s Real Smoked Barbeque, downtown (be warned: this is Memphis style, not VA or NC);
  • Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue, downtown.

North Carolina

  • Bills Barbeque and Chicken – 3007 Downing Street SW – Wilson NC – (919) 237-4372 (we’ve actually had Bill’s come to Richmond for corporate events);
  • King’s Barbeque – 405 East New Bern Rd. – Kinston, NC 28504 If you ever get invited to a true Carolina pig pickin’, and you consider yourself a barbeque aficionado, by all means, attend the pig pickin’! It’s a southern tradition not to be missed. Enjoy!


Contributed by Elizabeth Blust – October 2005.

Neil, If you’re ever anywhere even close to New Riegel, Ohio – near Tiffin – it’s worth the drive out of your way to eat at the New Riegel Cafe. I think the only things on the menu are barbecued chicken, barbecued ribs, french fries and salad. At least those are all I’ve ever had there. I think it’s the best barbecue east of Kansas City. It’s been about two years since I’ve been there, but they probably still have the bowling game in the lobby and a gift shop that’s bigger than the dining area. Be sure to get an extra helping of ribs to go, because you’ll be wanting more before you hit the interstate.

But if you’re in Cincinnati, don’t bother with the ribs at the Montgomery Inn. Sure, they may be the largest pork buyer in the Midwest, but quantity and a big sign are not the same as quality. I’ve tried it twice and both times the ribs were dry and the sauce uninspiring.

Oh, and if you’re ever in San Diego, Phil’s on Goldfinch St. is the place to go. Be sure to call ahead – especially on Fridays and Saturdays – or you’ll be waiting outside for an hour. Worth the wait, definitely, but hard to do when you’re starving! Although now a bit touristy, the Kansas City Barbecue downtown – featured in “Top Gun” – also serves up a tasty spread. Happy eating!  


Contributed by Victor Williams – October 2005.

Country Joe’s Family BBQ

1005 W. Main St.
Russellville, Arkansas


Contributed by M. Renninger – August 2005.

You should try this one. Practically legendary in the bay area:

Big John’s Alabama B-Que

5707 N 40th St.
Tampa, FL 33602

813 221 4043


Contributed by Suzanne Sanders – August 2005.

Blue Ribbon Bar B-Q
1375 Washington St.
West Newton, MA


Blue Ribbon Bar B-Q
908 Mass. Ave.

Arlington, MA



Contributed by an unnamed source – November 2005.

Uncle Pete’s Hickory Ribs

72 Squire Road
Revere, MA

I had some great local BBQ the other night – I thought of you and wanted to pass it along.


Contributed by Shelly Brann – January 2006.

Black-Eyed Sally’s

350 Asylum St
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: 860.278.7427


I peeked at your suggestions for CT BBQ and have to tell you that Brannigan’s is definitely not one of the better BBQ restaurants anymore.  Next time your in the area check out Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford.  My husband and I enjoy the food and the atmosphere is top-notch.


Contributed by Dave Swanston – February 2006.

Red Rooster’s Canadian BBQ and Taps

97 Main Street South
Forest, Ontario N0N 1J0



Next time you’re in Ontario (out towards Sarnia/Windsor) be sure to visit Red Rooster’s Canadian BBQ & Taps.  On route to cottage country and many American visitors say that it’s the best BBQ they have ever tasted!  It’s a hidden gem in a small town.


Contributed by Vance Welch – March 2006.

I just wanted to inform you that you definitely missed out on the best BBQ Resturant in NC.  It’s Called Parker’s Barbeque and it’s located in Wilson NC.  The places in NC you went to don’t hold a candle to this place.  I just thought I’d let you know in case you decide to come back to NC.



Contributed by Patti Shaffer of Stow, Ohio – May 2006.

Hungry Harry’s BBQ is the Best in Fla. Their Beans and bread tops it off and all you have to do to find it is follow the railroad tracks to the big red barn!  Here’s the web page for more info: www.hungryharrysfamousbbq.com

Here’s more info on other BBQ in FLA – www.flbbq.org/joints.htm


Contributed by Gary Spry – May 2006.

If you are ever in Charlottesville, Virginia, try:

Hickory Hill
777 Monocan Trail Rd.



Contributed by Camille Walker – June 2006.

Slope’s BBQ in Roswell, GA – update

 Just wanted to let you know that Slope’s BBQ in Georgia is still open and it is still as good as it was in 1997 when you visited.  I don’t work there or anything… just a big BBQ fan and they are in our area…  If ever around Athens, GA, you should try the Barbeque Shack – they are absolutely the best – don’t go when the Dawgs are playing at Sanford Stadium, you can’t get in the door!


Contributed by Dick Sumberg, The Financial Advisors – June 2006.

Don and Charlies in Scottsdale, AZ

I visited your website looking for a rib place in Scottsdale, AZ. You did not have a listing. A local recommended this place and it was outstanding.


Contributed by Ray Johnston, Welch Allyn, August 2006.

If you ever make it out to Oregon (that’s pronounced OH-ree-gun [Orygun]), you’ll feel right at home. Although the quality, of course, isn’t uniform, BBQ is everywhere in Portland. You can’t swing a cat on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard without hitting a smoky, cut-down 50-gallon drum. The best (by far, I’d have to say) is Buster’s Texas Barbecue. Buster started up here maybe 40 years ago, and it didn’t take long for the locals to recognize a good thing. He now has funky little restaurants in SE Portland, SW Portland, NE Portland, Salem, and across the river in Vancouver, WA. Every day, rain or shine, at every one of his places, the line for lunch is out the door from 10 until 1:30. Don’t expect to get baby-backs if you show up after 12:30. This is the real thing. (Texas Monthly magazine periodically declares the Country Tavern, outside Longview, to be the best barbecue in Texas. I’ve been there. It’s great. Buster’s is better.) I do up a lot of baby-backs, and they’re good–okay, they’re really good–but these guys at Buster’s are unbeatable.

For a completely different Texas-style barbecue, Campbell’s out at SE 87th & Powell is another killer. This is the soul-food version: sweet, juicy, packed with flavor, and hotter than hell. The sides are collard greens, candied yams, sweet potato pie, and cornbread, Perfection, in short.

And last night I made my first, but not last, foray into ‘RSQ’ — Russell Street Barbecue. Virginia style, they call it, with a noticeable vinegar tang to all of the sauces. Nice little pile of pulled pork, with candied yams and extraordinary fries. Heather had the brisket, which I thought was pretty good (but I’m not a brisket connoisseur)–firm, juicy, and great flavor.


Contributed by an unnamed source – June 2007.

Grumpy’s Barbeque Roadhouse
Allentown, PA

Fat Daddy’s Barbeque
Easton PA

Conway’s Barbeque
Allentown and Kuhnsville PA


Contributed by Lea Galanter – June 2009.

I saw your BBQ list and I have to mention the name of a restaurant in the Seattle area that you should check out next time you’ re in town. It’s Dixie’s BBQ in Bellevue. Here’s a review from Seattle Dining: www.seattledining.com/ARCHIVE/restaurants/dixies.htm


Contributed by Gary Roy – July 2009.

I noticed that you left out any mention of BBQ restaurants in Louisiana (where food is KING).  There is a place in Lafayette, LA, called 2Paul’s Radically Urban Barbeque, off the chain good ribs, certified Angus brisket that is melt in your mouth tender.  Check it out, you will be glad you did.

Here is their contact information:

2Paul’s Radically Urban Barbeque
2668 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA 70503