Mobile Strategy Consulting for Tech Comm

Planning to take your content mobile but not sure how to proceed?

Technically, it’s easy to go mobile. The question is whether that effort is maintainable, repeatable, and fits your company’s culture. To that end, we’ll evaluate three areas:

  • Technical — Three options for going mobile without needing programming support.
  • Content creation — How your content creation and publishing workflows may have to change.
  • Business processes — How well factors like terminology, strategic fit, management support, metrics, analytics, and others support your plan to go mobile.

The evaluation is quick, usually taking just three days onsite. The result is an independent evaluation of how smoothly and effectively the conversion of your content to mobile form is likely to go.

Depending on the results of the evaluation, Hyper/Word Services can recommend tools and procedures and provide training and support depending on the selected tools and processes.