Madcap Flare Project Setup

MadCap Flare Project Setup

If you’ve bought Flare but haven’t taken a training course, or even if you have taken a course, you may be boggled by the number of control options that Flare offers. Which ones should you use in your project? What about control options that the course touched on but didn’t cover in detail? How do you set up a project for efficient development and maintenance? Where do you start?

This intensive, one-day, hands-on course answers these questions. It starts by reviewing the project control features in Flare and the files that control their settings. The course then walks you through the creation of a basic set of control files that are likely to apply to typical projects:

  • Topic templates
  • Style sheets
  • Table style sheets
  • Skins
  • Variables
  • Snippets
  • Targets

Depending on attendee interest and available time, the course may discuss other types of control files as well, such as condition tags and publishing targets. Finally, the course discusses a new form of control file distribution introduced in Flare 4 – the ability to create a centralized master set of control files and re-use them in other projects semi-automatically.

The exercises will have you create a generic set of basic control files, but you can follow the steps after the course to create a set of control files for your specific project.

Prerequisites – Knowledge of Flare through a training class or at least one project. No code skill is necessary.

Structure of a Flare Project
Review of Flare’s Project Control Files

Topic Templates
Overview of Templates in Flare
Overview of Topic Templates
Creating Topic Templates
Integrating Topic Templates Into the Flare Interface
Using Topic Templates
Mining Topic Templates for CSS Elements
Distributing Topic Templates

Style Sheets (CSS)
Review of CSS Concepts
Creating a CSS in Flare
Applying a CSS to Topics
Applying Styles to Content Using the Flare Interface
Distributing a CSS

Table Style Sheets (CSS)
Review of Table Style Sheets
Creating Table Style Sheets
Applying Table Style Sheets
Distributing Table Style Sheets

Review of Skins
Creating Skins
Applying Skins
Distributing Skins

Placeholders – Variables and Snippets
Review of Variables and Snippets
Creating Variables
Inserting and Modifying Variables
Creating Snippets
Inserting and Modifying Snippets
Inserting Variables in Snippets
Conditionalizing Snippets
Distributing Variables and Snippets

Review of Targets
Creating Targets
Applying Targets
Distributing Targets

Other Topics
Other Control Files of Possible Interest
Master Control Files in Flare 4

Some Best Practices for Workflow Control