Creating Mobile Output With Flare

Creating Mobile Output With Flare

Thinking about “mobilizing” your online help or documentation? You can get into mobile app creation, or use Flare 6+ to convert your online material to mobile form. The result isn’t a native mobile app but rather a mobile web app, or site, that should run on almost any mobile device with a browser.

Conversion is straightforward mechanically, using conversion features built into Flare’s interface. Where things can get tricky is in the choice of mobile outputs overall, design and control of the content (like deciding what content to show or not show in mobile form and how to control that), how to control the formatting by using CSS features like mediums and relative sizes, and so on.

This one-day, hands-on, web-based workshop is aimed at Flare authors who want to quickly get up to speed on converting existing projects to Flare WebHelp Mobile output. Requires Flare 6 or higher. Previous experience on one or more Flare projects is helpful but not necessary.

Mobile – Why? Why Now?
Basic Terminology
Mobile “Architectures” – Web Apps, Native Apps, and eBooks
Strategic Issues in Selecting a Mobile Architecture
Flare Mobile

CSS Settings and Mediums
CSS Overview
CSS Settings – Absolute vs. Relative
CSS Mediums

Conditionality Overview
Conditionality Application

Mobile Skin
Overview of the Mobile Skin
Using the Mobile Skin

Testing Outside Flare
Using Emulators