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July 12 – 15
Remote MadCap Flare Basic/Intermediate Class. For more information or to join, contact MadCap

July 20 – 21
Remote MadCap Flare CSS Class. For more information or to join, contact MadCap



“You did another fine, illuminative Flare presentation last week. I make it a point of attending your webinars because I always learn something. I also admire your style, preparation and presentation.”
– Marvin Berger

MB Consulting

“Blimey. We’re in the presence of a #techcomm rockstar in @NeilEric #tcuk15”
– John Kearney

“(Perhaps the only time I’ll ever hear the word “blimey” in relation to me…)”

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Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding Book

MadCap Mimic 6 Book

Advanced Features in MadCap Flare 10 Book